Hi there! What's up?

Welcome to my extraordinarily mediocrecrap site. Except for the random image on the Home page, there's really not anything else here. And not even the random image is my own doing, really. It's fetched by calling the API of Danbooru or optionally Gelbooru, so yeah...

The site has been updated since I first wrote this, but it still pretty much the same way. One of the only changes has been that the site is now scriptified, more fancy if you will. Instead of using PHP to make and process the API request, the request is now done client side via JavaScript. The effect of this change is that your browser has to support some modern features, I've included some polyfills for this, but I'm not sure how well they work. So yeah, more data to download initially, but this should lower the total amount of data you need to download.


Well, this domain has a working MX record set up, so you should be able to figure it out.